Kensitas Silk Flowers
A comprehensive collectors guide to the issues of Kensitas Woven Silk flowers which were given away free with
Kensitas Cigarettes in the 1930's. The site now has more than 300 different Kensitas flowers displayed.

Kensitas Silk Flowers

About Kensitas Silk Flowers

Whats New: Full interactive gallery of all 230 Kensitas Silk Flowers, which make up the three sets... 1st series>>,
2nd series>> and postcard silks>>.

100 different woven silk flowers, in stunning colours, in three different sizes!!!!.

These beautiful, unique, Kensitas woven silk flowers, issued by Wix, were given away free inside each packet of Kensitas Cigarettes in the 1930's.

Three sizes of the Kensitas woven silk flowers were issued - the packet of ten cigarettes contained one of the small size Kensitas silks - the twenty pack one of the medium size Kensitas Silks, and one postcard size Kensitas Silk was given with the tins of 50 cigarettes, and two postcard silks with the tins of 100 cigarettes.

Each Kensitas woven silk flower came with its own descriptive, and protective cover.

The small size measures appx. 3.9cms x 6.8 cms (folder size). The medium size appx. 5.5 cms x 7.6 cms.,
and the postcard size appx. 13.5cms x 9.5 cms.

Initially a set of the same 60 Kensitas silk flowers was issued in both the Small and Medium size silks. Then a further set of 40 was produced in both sizes.

Just one set of 30 of the Postcard size was issued, each of which had two flowers depicted.

Both the Small and Medium 1st series, and the Postcard set, were issued with four different printings of the backs of the folders:-

A. Plain Back.

B. The word "More" is bisected by the oval print.

C. The word "More" is printed outside the oval print.

D. Identical to folder C except inside the folder, behind the actual silk flower, it says "Kensitas Flowers are washable and the colours are fast".

Kensitas albums were made available, each of which held a complete issue of one of the size sets.

I presently have several hundred good condition Kensitas Silk Flowers spares for sale, a full list of what I have available will be emailed to you without obligation on request.

I am also always interested in purchasing Kensitas silks in covers; loose silks; spare covers; complete sets; albums etc.

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